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Project Charcuterie

Chef Matus Vojtek came to the UK from his native Slovakia in 2007. He worked in a number of top restaurants in Herefordshire and Wales. While working in the UK he has sought to bring the depth of flavour, texture, and taste of true Continental cooking to his food.


Frustrated at not being able to source charcuterie of the quality that he was used to, he has now set up his own chain of shops.


He sources his charcuterie from only the best Continental suppliers, some of whom have been creating specialist meats for many generations.


Your experience


We offer a personalised service where you can come and taste our meats before you buy to ensure that you get what you want. If you prefer, we will make a selection from our range of more than 60 cold smoked, hot smoked, cured and dried, high-end meats to satisfy your requirements.


Keep the tradition alive


Tradition is everything. The best Continental Charcuterie is created by small farmers and butchers who produce amazing products the way their grandparents used to. They are the families who deserve credit and recognition and we are the Charcuterie shop who are committed to supporting them by sourcing only the best products for you to enjoy.


Creating memories


Good Charcuterie is not just a dried slice of meat from a

supermarket cabinet

It's a special type of dining experience...


The next time you want to relax with your friends or family, come and grab a selection of our charcuterie to help create a memorable experience that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Traditional Continental Charcuterie Meat & Game

England, Scotland and Welsh



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