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All our products are available for pre-order to be collected from our shop.

Select the product, date and time you would like to collect your pre-order.

Payment on collections.

Allow 24hrs prior to your order.

If you have any additional inquiries please get in touch with us directly.

£35 Father's Day Hamper (full price £39)

£29 Party Box - over 100 slices of delicious cured meats, including 12 different varieties

£24 Hamper - selections of 7 whole different cuts of charcuterie meat


£15 Small Hamper - selections of 4 whole different cuts of charcuterie meat

£15 Sample Box x2 - selection of thinly sliced meat

Pre-Order form
A £ 15 deposit applies to the order.

Thank You for your pre-order
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