Special Offers

As part of our customer service guarantee, we try to keep our prices as low as possible. In addition, we offer a selection of special deals to all of our customers. Come on over and grab yourself a bargain at Charcuterie Hereford today.


Large Hamper


Amazing selections of 10 different varieties of hot smoked, cold smoked, dried and cured meat cuts.
Get in touch with us directly for more details.

Party Box


Treat your loved one with selections of thinly sliced Charcuterie meat, Peter cooks Focaccia and green Mykonos and black Kalamata olives.

Hereford collection only.

Slavic Kvass (KBAC)

£6  (2 for £10)

Kvass is a traditional fermented Slavic and Baltic beverage made from rye bread.

A bubbly probiotic beverage that’s incredibly satisfying where fruit, honey, and herbs are added as flavorings.


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