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Our busy Charcuterie Shop is packed floor to ceiling with all sorts of goodies. We support small traditional continental producers by offering a wide selection of their products created to perfection. So you can indulge yourself, guilt-free.

Venison and Hungarian smoked paprika sau

Hungarian Venison and Smoked Paprika

Pork terrine salami.jpg

Pork Pressed Terrine

Pork Skilandis Oak smoked small.jpg

Pork Skilandis Small

Pork steak cold smoked.jpg

Pork steak cold smoked

Pork shoulder hot smoked.jpg

Pork shoulder hot smoked

Pork sausage dried.jpg

Pork sausage dried

Pork sausage cold smoked.jpg

Pork sausage cold smoked

Pork salami Autentic Hungarian with natu

Pork salami Authentic Hungarian with natural mould

Pork ribs hot smoked.jpg

Pork ribs hot smoked

Pork pine salami dried.jpg

Pork pine salami dried

Pork neck loin extra cold smoked.jpg

Pork neck loin extra cold smoked

Pork loin smoked with herbs herbs.jpg

Pork loin cold smoked with herbs

Pork loin medium smoked.jpg

Pork loin medium smoked

Pork loin dried.jpg

Pork loin dried

Pork loin hot smoked.jpg

Pork loin hot smoked

pork loin extra cold smoked.jpg

Pork loin extra cold smoked (Lean)

Pork loin cured.jpg

Pork loin cured

Pork loin cold smoked.jpg

Pork loin small cut cold smoked

Pork leg hot smoked.jpg

Pork leg hot smoked

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