Pork shoulder hot smoked

Pork shoulder hot smoked

100 Grams

Durable mouthfeel without being too tough, a lightly smoked flavour with a similarity to traditional British ham. Amazing hint of Clove all the way through. Perfect for someones first time.

Weight of product to your request.




When the product is received please cut open if vacuum packed.

Insure all the moisture (if occured and created by outside factors ea. change of temperature) is well dried with paper towel.

Product can be stored in a cool dry storage area (up to 13'C away from direct sunlight. Product can be stored in the fridge, keep away from direct moisture or potential condensation. If moisture or condensation occurs please dry it well with paper towel.

Use within 30 days of receiving products.

If you are unsure with any informations seen above or would like to know more about specific products, allergies, serving or cooking please contact us directly.

All our products may contain traces of nuts.

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